Delaware Valley University Student Jalene Beach ’21 Offered Early Acceptance to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine

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Jalene Beach '21, an animal science student at Delaware Valley University, with a horse.
Courtesy: Jalene Beach. Jalene Beach '21, a Delaware Valley University animal science student.

Jalene Beach ’21, a Delaware Valley University student from New Church, Virginia, was offered early acceptance to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

“I was speechless when I saw the email come through,” said Beach, of learning of her acceptance to one of the top veterinary programs in the country. “I was just incredibly grateful because I didn’t get here alone.”

Beach dreams big and loves to challenge herself to achieve her goals. She wants to encourage other students to pursue their dreams.

“Don’t give up on yourself and continue to follow your dreams no matter how far-fetched they may seem,” said Beach. “Make big goals and try to go for them.”

Her dream of becoming a veterinarian started at an early age.

“There’s a picture of me when I was in first-grade dressed up like a veterinarian,” said Beach. “I started volunteering at a veterinary clinic at 14 and that is what really solidified my interest.”

At DelVal, Beach gained experiences and formed relationships that helped her achieve her goal of getting into a top veterinary program.

When she was looking at schools, DelVal’s strong animal science program, opportunities to work with animals, and small class sizes stood out to her.

On campus, she got involved in the Pre-Vet Club, the Equine Club and Alpha Lambda Delta, an honor society.

The professors are her favorite part of DelVal.

“They all really want to help you succeed,” said Beach. “I think that really helped with applying to veterinary school. My professors at DelVal really know me personally and that showed in their recommendations.

She said she also appreciated the academic rigor and quality of the hands-on science courses.

“Being able to talk about a topic in class and, the next day, go to the lab and do what you were talking about, just gives you a much better understanding of what you’re learning,” said Beach.

Beach gained even more experience in her field and refined her career goals by participating in the Experience360 Program, DelVal’s award-winning experiential learning program. Through the program, DelVal undergraduates complete a variety of experiential learning activities.

“I think being encouraged to gain experience in your field through the E360 program is helpful,” said Beach. “Being given opportunities to try what you want to do is really important.”

For her E360 activities, Beach participated in leadership, career exploration and study abroad.

For her leadership activity, she worked as a lab assistant. Her role included helping with setting up activities, taking questions and tutoring students.

For her career exploration activity, she traveled to Bermuda with DelVal’s Marine Chemistry class where the ocean became her living laboratory. In that class, she studied water quality.

During a study abroad trip to Belize, she worked alongside veterinarians helping with vaccinations for animals such as cattle, swine and horses. She also assisted with surgeries at small animal spay and neuter clinics. Seeing the veterinarians in action made her want to follow in their footsteps and take her veterinary skills abroad.

“The Belize trip was one of the best experiences of my life,” said Beach. “All the veterinarians were so willing to give and they’re not in the best situations compared to U.S. veterinary medicine. I just really want to serve. I’m passionate about making a difference for people who don’t have the luxuries we have in the United States.”

She said her study abroad experiential learning activity helped her refine her career goals.

“I want to serve in the United States Army Veterinary Corps,” said Beach. “The Belize trip is one of the reasons I want to do Army veterinary medicine. I want to use my skills to help communities around the world. I chose the Army because I want to serve my country and because it’s a good leadership opportunity.”